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Augsut 2001 40,000 truck rollover, lawyer beats tickets etc >>

July 2001 Speeding Tickets: Porsche 911; Nantucket Case >>

June 2001 Operating to endanger, 100mph ticket >>

May 2001: 8 matters: Speeding Tickets, Fake ID, operating to endanger, 3 tickets in one year. Read on>>

April 2001 Results: 8 Cases described here including operating to endanger charges, helicopter pilot with speeding tickets, 7 surchargeable events and more >>

March 2001 Results: 4 Matters including Fast Lane Violation, four car collision, driving without insurance and 84 in a 65, Read about them >>

February 2001- January 2001 4 Cases including Drivers' license suspension, operating without insurance, speeding 75 in a 55 , Read more>>

December 2000- November 2000 4 Driving law matters including operating to endanger, truck driver speeding, speeding Volvo, more >>

October, 2000 6 Cases dealing with tracking a state police cruiser, 8 year license loss avoided, 101 mph speeding ticket on motorcycle, rear-ended state police cruiser, speeding 91 mph in a 55 mph zone, complete facts here>>

September 2000- August 2000 5 cases including unreasonable use of horn, speeding in Mercedes S Class, Speeding in Ted Williams Tunnel by Limo Driver, Airline Pilot speeding 92 mph, operating to endanger case, more info>>

July 2000- May 2000 6 Issues including: speeding BMW motorcycle, habitual traffic offender, unregistered vehicle, speeding ticket and more >>

April 2000-January 2000 8 cases: failure to stop, operating to endanger, 105 mph speeding ticket, OUI Mercedes C class was also totaled and flipped over several times and more >>

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