Operating to Endanger
is a serious driving law offense in Massachusetts. Under Massachusetts law, operating to endanger is comprised of the following elements: 1) operation of a motor vehicle 2) on a public road 3) so as to endanger any person including the driver. The reasons for this criminal charge are typically:

1. Inattention
2. Excessive speed
3. Failure to a wear seat belt
4. Distraction inside the vehicle
5. Inadequate defensive driving techniques
6. Incorrect assumptions about other roadway users
7. Tailgating or not leaving enough space between vehicles
8. Driving while fatigued, angry, or impaired by alcohol or other drugs
9. Failure to check blind spot before changing lanes
10. Failure to allow enough time or space to merge, leave, or cross traffic.

Our lawyers can beat the charge at a clerk's hearing if you are criminally applied via a Uniform Massachusetts Citation (CMVI). You should immediately ask us to secure this fundamental right on your behalf. Do not go to the hearing yourself.

This is a serious motor vehicle crime which leads to a suspension of your driver license/right to operate. There is no bright line test for operating to endanger which the police use as in drunk driving cases and the breathalyzer. Consequently, operating to endanger is a completely subjective crime based upon law enforcement observation of your driving behavior.

Lesser included suspensions associated with operating to endanger are: improper operation of a motor vehicle, complaint regulatory, medical complaint, and immediate threat. The statute which delineates the punishment for operating to endanger includes 60 days to two years jail time. Second offense has a minimum mandatory 60 days and two-year license loss. Our lawyers can help avoid jail time.

Executives charged with operating to endanger can be fired because they lose their car rental privileges throughout the United States, causing interruption of their careers. Our lawyers can clear your National Driver Record so that this doesn't happen.

How do we beat the charge at the hearing or in court? Our lawyers use mitigating reasoning and decades of negotiating experience with clerk magistrates, police and district attorneys to get law enforcement off your back and to get you on the road again.

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