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Proven Results. We will get your Drivers' license restored, and/or win your Civil or Criminal Motor Vehicle Traffic Hearing. and our attorneys for over 15 years are the leading attorneys of traffic ticket law, motor vehicle criminal and drivers' license restoration in Massachusetts. Our attorneys are experts in National Driver Registry (NDR) and Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and Board of Appeal issues. Discriminating clients who must win call us first when in need of representation. Look for an attorney with proven results -- the most important factor in evaluating whether to retain counsel. Remember to ask for our corporate and personal references.

Types of cases handled:
Speeding Tickets.
All Traffic and Driving Law Violations.
Hardship License
Drunk Driving Law
Complaint Regulatory
Negligent Operation
Operating to Endanger
Criminal Complaint Application
Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearings
Move Over Law
Ignition lock matters.
Junior operator issues
Operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI).
Driver's license appeals (suspended license).
Driving without insurance/ Op without Insurance
Insurance surcharge hearings.
Division of Insurance hearings.
Board of Appeal hearings: loss of license.
Resisting arrest/disorderly conduct.
Driving to endanger.
Road rage incidents.
Failure to stop at stop sign.
Failure to stop for a police officer
Attaching plates, failure to display
Expired inspection sticker
Complaint Medical
Fraud on ID or Fake License
Immediate Threat
Improper Operation
Texting While Driving

Massachusetts Speeding Ticket Defense:
Registry of Motor Vehicle Law

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Driver's License Suspension/Revocation

Operating to Endanger: Criminal Cases

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Boston Magazine features Speeding Ticket Defense Attorneys in a front cover feature article entitled "Secrets of the City Revealed" as abbreviated:


Boston Attorney Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The one question the officer will almost always ask is,"do you know why I stopped you?" A person who says, "no" is usually written up for the maximum fine. A person who says, "yes, because I was speeding," or what ever, might get a reduced amount or just a warning -- I do not know that is an official policy, but that is what I have seen on the tickets I have reviewed since I started specializing in traffic law. Asking for a warning usually backfires. The officer is not going to make up his mind based on your request. If you to want to appeal the ticket, do so immediately. The hearing will take place before a court magistrate. The officer who pulled you over typically will not be there, but that has no impact on whether or not you will win; the ticket will be presented by a police prosecutor. These hearings can be especially effective.

... This is what I get paid to do, so I won't go into all my secrets... Let's just say there is some statutory wriggle room. I beat a lot of cases on... technicalities... If the magistrate goes against you, appeal and appear before a Judge...

Contact Attorneys here for representation in Massachusetts.

Media Attention:

Kiplinger magazine declares attorneys as the recognized Massachusetts experts in defending speeding tickets. The Magazine quotes our Attorneys and economists asserting that the pre-tax levy for the first ticket exceeds $2,825 over five years.

Speeding Ticket Lawyers are quoted by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly as an authority on drunk driving statutory revisions pending before the Massachusetts Legislature. "There are too many words in (the drunk driving statute) which no one can figure out...the last thing we need is more language" Our attorneys said in urging the Legislature to leave well enough alone.


It is always to your advantage to contest a criminal or traffic charge and hire a lawyer to represent you. Our lawyers go to court for you and in many cases can eliminate the fine and significantly reduce the gravity of the charges. If you do not defend yourself through counsel, the consequences are often serious. You may lose your license, be burdened with a criminal record for the rest of your life, face stiff fines and bear high future insurance costs. A single speeding ticket may cost up to $1000 in added insurance costs.

You are innocent until proven guilty. The State must prove you are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. Call us for an evaluation of your situation.

On civil traffic tickets, we can often go to court for you. And if you live out of state, far away or are a foreign national, we may be able to waive your appearance before the court. Call or email us.

We Handle: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI) , Driving with a suspended license, Reckless Driving, Criminal and civil traffic violations, Speeding, Division of Insurance/Board of Appeal hearings, insurance surcharge hearings, loss of drivers' license appeals, Excessive points suspension, causing an accident, fleeing an officer/accident scene: ALL other felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses.

We have successfully represented people from all walks of life including: Business executives, airline pilots, doctors, lawyers, truckers, livery drivers, software engineers, CEOs of major companies, collectors of exotic cars, state workers, and everyday people burdened with a traffic fine or whose right to operate is jeopardized.

Live out of state and have traffic problems while in Massachusetts? No Problem. Contact us here for representation in Massachusetts.

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The main office for Speeding Ticket Defense is located two blocks from the Registry of Motor Vehicles/Division of Insurance in Boston.

Our lawyers have an easy and direct location near where the hearings are scheduled for all drivers license matters. Affiliated offices are also located in every county in Massachusetts. We handle all driving law and traffic matters statewide.

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